About The Hope All Day Recovery Community Center

Often people ask “What is this place?”  Many confuse us for a Rehab or IOP or some other “addiction treatment facility”.  We are NOT treatment or medical care in any way, we are something completely different!  We are a Peer2Peer Recovery Community organization (RCO) created by persons in recovery FOR persons in recovery to enjoy and connect with each other to maintain long term recovery from substance use!

Although we are not treatment we, however, do help connect people seeking recovery with treatment, sober living and other services they need to begin their recovery journey. Our primary focus is AFTER they return from treatment or enter recovery through an alternative means.  Recovery should be fun and exciting, build friendships and comradery, instill a sense of belonging.  Our events and opportunities to volunteer and become part of a community brings all of that together within an atmosphere of recovery!  Hope all day everyday!

The opposite of addiction is connection and The Hope All Day Recovery Community Center.. is a hub that connects individuals under one roof in the Recovery Community to each other and to organizations, programs and activities that make recovery desirable and attractive so as to help maintain long term recovery!  Relapse is not a requirement and preventing relapse saves lives!

We focus on socialization and support within the Recovery Community through fun, clean sober events such as Holiday BBQs, Parties, Café nights with entertainment and food, Game Nights, Movie Nights, 12-Step Recovery meetings and events, Health & Exercise classes, Yoga, Mediation, Art, and Family & Grief Support meetings.  We try to keep the cost of all activities free or inexpensive so everyone can participate and provide scholarships to activities if needed.  We are supported financially through the Hope All Day Foundation which raises funds through private donations, grants and fundraising activities.  We are volunteer based Center run by persons in recovery or connected to recovery.

Our goal is that every individual who walks through our doors finds Hope in the recovery process!

We are centrally located Mays Landing (Atlantic County), NJ in a modern 6,500 SF building with all the latest resources and technology including smart tv’s in every room and an updated computer resource center. We also offer help with treatment resources and linkage, outdoor seating and socializing area, a café with delicious meal choices and coffee selections as well as a game room  (coming soon), recovery gift shop and clothing closet for those in need.

A Place For Hope

A Solution For Recovery

Centralized Meeting Place

The Hope All Day Recovery Community Center provides a place for consistent, organized meetings or 12 step programs. The center will be available to people from every faction of society. Alcohol and drug addiction is a disease that crosses all social, ethnic and economic factions of our society.

Social Functions

The Hope All Day Recovery Community Center provides a place for people with addiction problems and their family members to socialize in an atmosphere of recovery. The people most able to communicate with alcoholics or to addicts are their peers who have experience with the same disease.

The Peer to Peer Recovery Community Center offers an avenue for recovering alcoholics and/or addicts to meet with each other to learn how to interact with society in early recovery, to vent emotions and handle problems in a safe environment. The interaction is both  peer to peer (one alcoholic or addict to another) and also at a higher social level in the form of dinners, dances and café nights in an atmosphere not involving any drugs or alcohol.

Recovery Resource Center

The Hope All Day Foundation offices are located at the Recovery Community Center and provides a safe place and general assistance for individuals desiring linkage to recovery resources throughout the community.

Workforce Development

The Hope All Day Recovery Community Center has computers and resources dedicated to assisting individuals in finding employment throughout the community.

Help For Everyone In Need

Some Of Valuable Services We Offer

  • Peer to Peer Support
  • Computer Resource Lab
  • Treatment Information and Linkage
  • Sober Living / Housing Help
  • Job Readiness Courses
  • Meeting Space for Recovery
  • Social Services / Clothing
  • Narcan and other Trainings
  • Hope Café & Lounge
  • Recovery Workshops
  • Community Events
  • Celebrations & BBQ’s
A Place For Hope

An Atmosphere With An Attitude of Recovery

Crisis Contact

The Hope All Day Recovery Community Center provides a safe place and general assistance for practicing alcoholics or drug users and their family members in times of crisis or need. General information about treatment, social services and 12 step meeting times and other solutions to their dilemmas will be provided.

Early Recovery Haven

The Hope All Day Recovery Community Center provides a safe haven for those addicted persons in early recovery who have no other place to go between meetings. They can “drop-in” and share a cup of coffee with their peers and talk one-on-one with others in recovery.

Safe Haven For Young People Affected By Addiction

The Hope All Day Recovery Center is a meeting place for young people affected by the disease, either through active alcoholism or addiction.

The Hope All Day Recovery Community Center provides a location for 12-Step and other community groups focused on recovery to meet.  As with all 12-Step groups that meet at the center, the center staff and members respect the anonymity and confidence of all persons who come to our facility.

However, in keeping with the 12-Step Organizations’ Traditions, we are not affiliated with any 12-Step Group or Organization.