About The Hope All Day Foundation

The Hope All Day Foundation is a 501c3 non profit corporation. Our hope and vision is to provide programs, services and projects which will help newly recovering persons and their families and foster long term recovery. Hope All Day has been providing peer recovery support and mentoring for over 6 years in Atlantic County with the support of the Department of Human Services and the Board of Chosen Freeholders.

The Hope All Day Foundation brings together every layer of our society and fosters education and awareness about recovery for both the individual, their families and loved ones. This is a sought after means of a healthy lifestyle and hopeful beginning. The Hope All Day Foundation will educate not only the individual , their family members but also the community and organizations around them. We do this in various ways

Recovery For All of the Community

Community Image

The Hope All Day Foundation’s presence and it’s benefits will flow down to the community by making the community safer and more productive.

The resource center provides a good working example that community leaders can offer to new businesses and families entering the community to demonstrate that our community is very proactive in dealing with alcohol and drug addiction. Community leaders can use this as a point in attracting new business to our area.

Employers Benefit

Employers benefit by development of more effective, productive personnel, making their community organization safer and more profitable. The Hope All Day Foundation provides a place the employer can recommend to staff members who are having problems addiction and can go for referral to recourses and social interaction in a safe drug and alcohol free environment.

To Teach

Addiction is an immense problem that is more often than not ignored due to the social stigma associated with this misunderstood disease. The Hope All Day Foundation will provide education and information to all about alcohol and drug addiction.

A Place For Hope

An Atmosphere With An Attitude of Recovery

Social Function

The Hope All Day Foundation provides a place for people in recovery and their family members to socialize in an atmosphere of recovery. Programs, projects and activities through scheduled programming helps individuals form strong bonds to the recovery community. Peer to peer support and mentoring through the foundations volunteer staff offers an avenue of free support.

Family Support

The Hope All Day Foundation works with community based organizations to provide support to families who have lost a loved one to substance abuse.

A Peer to Peer Resource Center

A Solution For Recovery

Recovery Resource Center

The Hope All Day Foundation provides a safe place and general assistance for individuals desiring linkage to recovery resources throughout the community.

Workforce Development

The Hope All Day Recovery Center has computers and resources dedicated to assisting individuals in finding employment throughout the community.

Addiction Affects Everyone

The statistics are horrifying when it comes to the amount of deaths caused by drugs and alcohol each year. In the last twelve months 87,000 people in the US died from drug overdoses. It’s time for change.