Chris Macomber
CEO, President & Center Director
Recovery Coach, CPRS, CRSP

About Chris

Chris Macomber is the founding member and CEO of The Hope all Day Foundation. Chris is a person in long term recovery, which means he hasn’t had a drink or drug in over 20 years.

In 2005 Chris took a business trip to Florida, where he was so impressed by the recovering community and specifically recovery clubhouses that he extended his stay and visited as many as possible. It was clearly evident to Chris that these recovery centers and clubhouses filled a great need that existed for many trying to achieve long term recovery. The atmosphere along with the awesome peer to peer support seemed to fill the missing gap that is lingering for many in between a discharge from a rehabilitation facility and the next 12 step meeting.

It was this trip along with Chris’s ongoing dedication to helping families and specifically “moms” find hope for their loved ones which culminated into The Hope all Day concept. Chris saw a definite need here in New Jersey and has brought the concept to fruition with first forming The Hope All Day Foundation in 2012 and then opening the Hope All Day Recovery Center – the first of its kind in Atlantic County in June of 2014.

Chris has had 10 years of both inpatient and outpatient treatment experience and has volunteered to assist countless individuals find both residential treatment and transitional housing over the last 10 years. Chris also assisted in the planning and opening of a men’s sober living houses here in Atlantic County. Chris currently works as a Peer Health Navigator for a NJ State University, assisting individuals transition from being incarcerated in the NJ State Prison system to living and finding recovery in the outside world. Chris was uniquely qualified for this position after having been incarcerated many times himself in the NJ State Prison system. He is truly an example of Hope having gone from DOC (“Department of Corrections”) to CEO and now back to being employed working in the DOC!

Chris believes in hope and is a person who strives to always give back to both his community and to people in recovery. Chris often shares this message and is a motivational speaker on recovery related topics. The Hope All Day Recovery Center is the culmination of Chris’s passion and determination to give back to others what has been given to him. Hope all day . . .Everyday !

Something was different this time. There was a surrender in my spirit, and a willingness I had never experienced before.