Becoming Unbroken

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Melissa Sacco had many reasons to want to stay in her marriage. Then came a revelation during her run that stopped her mid-stride to call her husband to tell him she was leaving. I’m not listening to my heart.
This life-altering moment became her anchor. She was inspired to take a leap of true bravery towards the biggest, scariest action she could in favor of her own needs instead of settling for a sub-par marriage.
After a lifetime of dodging and weaving in and out of her trauma, sense of self, and identity, Melissa decided to dig deep and find inner bravery she didn’t know existed. She committed to an unconventional thirty-day separation from her husband to give herself the space needed to make the change she needed in her heart. This realization led her to believe that instead of accepting life as it is, we have the power to do a little Heart Work on ourselves. We have the power to create bravery so inspiring and contagious, you’ll never think you can’t rewrite your future, or believe you aren’t strong enough to handle and change your life again.


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