Addiction Affects Everyone. Please Help Us Help Others.

Hope All Day is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization that greatly relies on donations in order to keep our doors open. Please Help if you can.
The Hope All Day Foundation

The Hope All Day Foundation

The Hope All Day Foundation is a non profit 501 (c3) corporation. Our hope and vision is to provide programs, projects and services which help stabilize newly recovering persons and foster long term recovery.
Peer Recovery Community Center

Peer Recovery Community Center

Our Recovery Center is a volunteer based Peer to Peer Recovery Community Center.
Recovery Gift Shop

Recovery Gift Shop

The gift shop offers gifts for those in recovery, including 12 step program coins and medallions *coming soon.
Hope Cafe

Hope Cafe

The Recovery Café is a place to enjoy the company of friends and neighbors over a fresh cup of coffee.
This is a WE thing not a ME thing!

Over 87,000 People Died From Drug Overdoses In The Last 12 Months.

The latest statistics available show that over 87 thousand people died from drug overdose deaths between May of 2019 and May 2020 in the United States alone. This is the highest number of drug related deaths ever recorded in a 12 month period.
13.06 Million
Teens use Drugs in 2020
12% of Children
over 12 used illicit drugs
20+ Million
Suffer from addiction
38% of Adults
Use Illegal Drugs

How To Help?

Community Awareness
Community Awareness
Help us stop the stigma that comes along with addiction and mental health disorders
Donate Hope
Donate Hope
As a 501c(3) non-profit we rely mainly on donations to fund our programs and services.
Get Involved
Get Involved
We are a Peer to Peer support system who welcome everyone to join us and get involved
Volunteer With Us
Volunteer With Us
As a small non profit we are always in need of volunteers for all types of different services
Hope All Day... Everyday!

Upcoming Events Calendar

If you would like to host your meeting or event at the recovery center please Contact Us

october, 2022

Discover what’s possible when a community joins together.

Addiction Recovery and Mental Health often have a certain “stigma” attached to them mainly from people who lack an understanding of what they are. Community Awareness helps break the stigma and educates those in the community on ways they to can help others in need.
You can join Us

What We Are Doing

Peer to Peer recovery resources to anyone who needs them.
Somewhere to go to find support from others in recovery.
Helping the community understand the addiction and recovery journey.
Networking and outreach with like minded individuals and organizations.

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