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The Hope All Day Foundation is a 501c(3) Non-Profit which is completely funded through private donations and fundraisers. We do not receive any government funding to support the foundation.
When you Help Hope by making a donation, purchasing a product or attending one of our fundraisers, you help The Hope All Day Foundation save lives through our programs and services.

Hope All Day Needs Your Help!

As some of you may have heard Hope All Day is going through a transition. As the end of our lease at our current location is approaching, we are currently looking for a new location. We are very excited and optimistic about this new opportunity that will allow us to better carry out our mission and serve our community. We will continue operations as usual at our current location until a new location is secured, at which point we hope to make a smooth transition. However, we need your help!!! If you know of any vacant buildings that are approximately 4000 Sqft. or more and in close proximity to our current location - please email, inbox, or call us. If there are any buildings available to be donated to our 501c3 non-profit foundation, this would be ideal as we do not receive any state or county funding. Also, any monetary donations you can make at this time will greatly help us continue with our vision. Thank you for your ongoing support in helping us help those in need. We would also like to give thanks to the Hansen family for their support and generosity over the last two years.

Sincerely, Christopher Macomber CEO, Founder
Hope All Day Foundation

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The Hope All Day Foundation

The Hope All Day Foundation will positively promote the impact of addiction recovery not only in our community but in the lives of the families and individuals around us and in our daily lives. Our programs, services and partnerships open the proper channels for successful recovery by removing the social barriers and stigmas and creating the opportunities needed for those seeking recovery.

We strive to be an effective non-profit resource to provide education, information, knowledge and general overall research about the best practices and most effective approaches for ongoing recovery from the disease of addiction.

Hope All Day Recovery Center

Our hope and vision at the Recovery Center is that every layer of our society is educated and aware that addiction is a treatable disease and that recovery for both the addict and their family and loved ones is acceptable and possible.

This is a sought after means of a healthy lifestyle and a hopeful beginning. The Hope All Day Foundation Recovery Center will help prepare and educate not only the suffering addict, family members and also the community and organizations around them so that they to are no longer ignorant to the disease.

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